There’s something magnetic about Mexico — from the culture scene in Mexico City to the beautiful ruins of Tulum to the vibrant art in San Miguel. The rich musical heritage runs deep, but there are also new sounds emerging that reflect how dynamic Mexico’s music roots are…and how much more there is to explore. To mark the opening of our boutique in Mexico City, Randall Poster put together this playlist for us. Listen now on Spotify.


  1. México — Mexican Institute of Sound
  2. Maestro — Ritmo Machine
  3. Despues Del After — Kinky
  4. 1977 — Ana Tijoux
  5. Tatuaje — Alex Anwandter
  6. El Microfono — Mexican Institute Of Sound
  7. Hasta la Piel — Carla Morrison
  8. Eres — Café Tacvba
  9. Las Escondidas — Raul Y Mexia
  10. Arenita Playita — Cuarto Poder
  11. Chicas Kamikaze — Matorralman
  12. Discoteca Nacional — Clorofila

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