Kayoko Kimura in her studio wearing our Artist Dress

DESIGNART, the beloved annual Tokyo-wide festival, will be held from October 22nd through 31st. Tory Burch is proud to take part by featuring three extraordinary works by painter Kayoko Kimura at our Ginza store. Keep reading for a look into Kimura’s colorful world.

I knew I had to be an artist when…

I have loved drawing since I was a child. Following high school, I decided that I would go to art school. Through the influence of the paintings and contemporary art I was exposed to in college, as well as my classmates and instructors, I gradually became an artist.

I would describe my signature style as…

For the past ten years, I have been focusing on “painting” as my main art form. I believe that a strong painting is born from the colors and shapes that appear unexpectedly when paint is poured onto the canvas, as well as the brushstrokes, colors and shapes that I can control. I aim to create strong paintings that will make viewers stop and think.

I draw inspiration from…

Since I mainly use plants as materials for my paintings, I am inspired by flowers from each season. In the last few years, I have been visiting tropical botanical gardens and large greenhouses to discover rare flowers that do not grow naturally in Japan. I am also fascinated by the fragility of flowers.

The tools I can’t live without…

When I first started oil painting, I realized that I could not work without a maulstick — a stick that supports the artist’s hand as they hold a paintbrush. During oil painting, it is difficult to place one’s hands on the canvas because the paint is not yet dry, so a maulstick is essential.

When I am not working, you will find me…

I spend most of my private time in my room, watching videos and movies or talking with friends online. Since COVID-19 has reduced my physical contact with people, I have become much more aware of my connections.

To see my artwork hanging in the Tory Burch Ginza store is…

I’m very honored and excited. It is one of the biggest events in my career. I’m looking forward to seeing how my work will look alongside the Tory Burch collection.















トリー バーチ銀座店にご自身の作品を飾ることについて、今のお気持ちを教えてください。

とても光栄であり、ワクワクしています。トリー バーチ銀座店に自作が並ぶことは、私のキャリアのなかで大きな出来事の一つです。

自分の作品がトリー バーチのコレクションの中でどう映るかとても楽しみですし、お互いが惹き立て合い響きあうような展示空間になることを期待しています。

  • Two paintings by Kayoko Kimura, which will be on display at our Ginza store from October 22 through October 31

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