It doesn’t get more New York than the Odeon. The Parisian-style restaurant has been a mainstay in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood since the ’80s. “When I moved to the city after college, I lived in an apartment in the area,” Tory says. “I used to go there all the time with my friends. And I still go there today.” New Yorkers — including Warhol and Basquiat, De Niro and Scorsese — have flocked to the establishment for decades, seeking out French-American food and maybe a martini for good measure. As Saturday Night Live creator and producer Lorne Michaels famously said, “It had sophistication and it had French fries.” (It’s also where the Cosmo — Carrie Bradshaw’s drink of choice — came to be in 1987.)

The Odeon’s iconic reddish-orange neon sign lights up the corner of West Broadway and Thomas Street. For Tory, the restaurant’s wood-paneled walls, crisp white tablecloths and French bistro chairs offered the perfect setting for our Fall/Winter 2021 collection.



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