By Diane Kendal for MAC

The Look
“We’ve done a no-makeup makeup look — really fresh skin, a little bit of lip balm, contoured the eye with a soft grease, gray eyeshadow and filled in the eyebrows.”

The inspiration
“The girls have just come from their summer vacations so everybody’s got a beautiful, natural kind of coloration. No color to the cheeks. We wanted to keep the skin really fresh, luminous and beautiful.”

Insider tip to fake it?
“The trick is to even out the skin tone using a little bit of concealer and very light foundation coverage.”

And the lashes?
“Nothing on them. We’re just using the MAC grease eye shadow just to give it a little bit of contour.”

Go-to product everyone should have?
“A great concealer.”


By Michelle Saunders

The Look
“The most perfect, cleanest, freshest manicure you can get. Because the collection is very colorful and there’s a lot of texture and print, we did something classic and simple.”

The color
“A true nude, almost fleshy, with a little hint of pink and beige. It goes with every skin tone.”

Insider tip
“Use cuticle oil — it’s vital. You can use it as many times during the day as you can. Put it on every day, three times a day, kind of like a meal — morning, noon and night. It’s good for hangnails, it’s good for skin, it’s nice on no manicure and it freshens up all manicures.”

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