The Soul Train-ers knew how to do it. Time again to shake those scaries out.
While many of us find ourselves at home for the foreseeable future, the discovery of new songs is more than a small pleasure—it’s an absolute soul-saver. Everything they say—music heals, music makes the world go round, music is the universal language—is all true, especially in times like now. That’s why when Tory’s dear friend Marjorie Gubelmann—otherwise known as Today Show regular DJ Mad Marj—surprised us with two of her epic mixes, we knew these were meant to be shared far and wide. The first playlist is an upbeat selection of throwback songs, from OutKast’s The Way You Move to George Michael’s iconic hit Faith, while the second seamlessly blends decades and genres, following up Yaz’s Situation with Lizzo’s 2019 anthem Juice. Check out the links below and have a listen—and maybe even a living room dance party.



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