Front row club: Francesca DiMattio, Lucy Liu, Julianne Moore, Mia Goth, and Adwoa Aboah. Photo by Joe Schildhorn/

Perfectly pleated skirts, swoon-worthy prints, expert layering… These are the sorts of things you can spot from the front row—it’s no wonder they’re called the best seats in the house.

Friends, family, and film stars alike flocked to Sotheby’s on Sunday morning for Tory’s Fall/Winter 2020 fashion show. Scanning the front row, it would be impossible to miss Lucy Liu and Julianne Moore, but also fresh faces like Bel Powley, Charlotte D’Alessio, Mia Goth, Larsen Thomspon, and Francesca DiMattio, the artist whose work inspired–and who collaborated on–the collection. Oh, and did we mention members of the Navarro Cheer squad were there? Below, the full front row in all its glory.

Lucy Liu and Julianne Moore. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

On the left, TyLynn Nguyen, Larsen Thompson and Flaviana Matata. On the right, Gabi Butler and Lexis Brumback from Netflix’s Cheer. Photo by Joe Schildhorn.

Ami and Aya Suzuki of Amiaya and their candy-colored Lee Radziwill bags. Photo by Joe Schildhorn.

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