• Dodie Thayer homeware and menu at the AllBright Club.
  • Top: Anna Jones delivers a speech to the guests; Bottom: Table setting for the lunch.
  • Frisee and beet salad served in Dodie Thayer lettuce ware bowls.
  • Adrienne Herbert, Madeleine Shaw and Niomi Smart.
  • Carolina Bonfiglio and Adriana Chryssicopoulos.
  • Jemima Jones and Lucy Carr Ellison.
  • The hosts: Filipa de Abreu, Stefano Sutter and Anna Jones.
  • Filipa de Abreu, Beatrice Vincenzini, Adriana Chryssicopoulous, Emily Sutter and Carolina Bonfiglio.


The beauty of International Women’s Day is that it’s exactly that — international. So, while the Tory Burch Foundation was winding down its cross-country tour of the new Embrace Ambition Series in Brooklyn, across the Atlantic, in London, Tory Burch the brand partnered with the AllBright Club for an intimate luncheon.

IWD was the perfect opportunity to bring together an inspiring group female leaders and entrepreneurs, such as co-founders of Tart, Jemima Jones and Lucy Carr Ellison; director of White Cube Gallery Julia Baumhoff; Nine in the Mirror founder Adriana Chryssicopoulos, and founder of the Walkabout Foundation, Carolina Bonfiglio.  The scene: A champagne reception, a three-course lunch prepared by executive chef Sabrina Gidda (served on Dodie tableware, of course) and empowering speeches throughout the afternoon.

Founded last year by former Hearst CEO Anna Jones, the club was conceived as a women’s workspace (guys, you can visit as a guest and it’s encouraged!) and community to support women at all stages of their careers.  In addition to being a members-only space, it offers classes and workshops in an environment that is geared towards helping women connect, create and collaborate.

More about #EmbraceAmbition & the Tory Burch Foundation:
In 2009, Tory launched the Tory Burch Foundation which provides access to capital, education and digital resources to empower women entrepreneurs. Learn more about the Foundation and #EmbraceAmbition here.

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