Rashida, in a custom Tory Burch gown, photographed by Noa Griffel in New York

The actress shares her Met Gala day (and night)

9:00 AM
Wake up.
9:15 AM
Edit script I'm working on with my writing partner, Will McCormack
10:30 AM
Meet Amy Poehler at Balthazar. So much catching up to do but not enough time! I love my Poehler so much!
12:00 PM
Lunch with Sony Pictures Classics to discuss Celeste and Jesse Forever. (I exec produced, co-wrote and starred in.)
1:00 PM
I have now had two meals by 1pm. Probably two more than most people going to the Met Ball tonight.
2:30 PM
Hair, makeup, mani/pedi and stylist arrive at my hotel. Full blown girly moment for me. Can't say I hate it.
3:30 PM
Okay, now it's three meals more than most people today. Or most people any day?
5:30 PM
Tory's pre-cocktails. Delicious red wine. Trying not to be hungover by 9pm….
7:00 PM
Red carpet. Holy madness. Glad I had wine.
9:00 PM
Signing off so I can enjoy Bruno Mars crushing it on stage!

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