Gift your mother a beautiful bouquet. Tell your mother you love her. And, then, get your mother on the dance floor. We’ve brought together James Brown, Frank Zappa, Florence + The Machine and more just to make mom smile…

  1. Mothersbaugh’s Canon — Mark Mothersbaugh
  2. Still Clean — Soccer Mommy
  3. Sweet Child O’ Mine — Guns N’ Roses
  4. Family Affair — Sly & The Family Stone
  5. Mother — Florence + The Machine
  6. Children Of The Revolution — T. Rex
  7. Come On Down To My Boat — Every Mother’s Son
  8. Motherly Love — Frank Zappa
  9. Brother Father Mother Sister — Tim Maia
  10. Mother Popcorn — James Brown
  11. Turn This Mother Out — Van McCoy
  12. Pop That Thang — The Isley Brothers

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