Illustrations by Mark Dingo Francisco

Wes Anderson (above) is a Taurus. Adele, too. And Queen Elizabeth II, David Beckham, William Shakespeare, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jack Nicholson… Here’s what they — and you — can expect from this month of Taurus (April 19th – May 20th), from our astrology expert Susie Cox.

Happy Birthday, dear Taurus! Mercury is doing its retrograde in your sign of Taurus this time. It will go backwards from April 28th to May 23rd. If you use that time to do a thorough spring housecleaning, you will be right in the flow.

Your sign of Gemini loves road trips and May 6th to 9th is a perfect time to do a weekend getaway. Go somewhere new and do things that you’ve never experienced before. It’s ok, you can get wild.

The week of May 16th is your week for letting go. It’s the perfect time to release things, old feelings and attitudes. If you want, it can happen fast and will be permanent.

Leo loves to get dressed up and strut their stuff whenever they can. In this next month, May 12th and 13th are your days to shine. Go to live theater or a concert with your wildest friends.

Jupiter is still in your sign of Virgo now and is in a perfect triangle in the sky of other planets also in earth signs. You can hardly go wrong now, dear Virgo. Be as bold as you will allow yourself. Now is your time!

The mid two weeks in May will be particularly kind to you, dear Libra. You will have opportunities presented to you that will offer you more stability in your life. Listen to your inner knowing when making decisions. It will be obvious when the time is right.

The Full Moon is in your sign of Scorpio on April 21st. Many people see the Scorpio Full Moon as the most powerful Full Moon of the entire year. It often brings deep insights and understanding about life, especially to a Scorpio.

The power of concentration is not one of the natural talents of Sagittarius. Since the Moon will join the detail-oriented planet, Saturn, you will have at least a window in time of focus. Your magic dates are April 24th to 26th, so plan accordingly.

There is a powerful triangle of planets in earth signs that is benefiting you, Capricorn. You have hidden allies that are helping you this entire month. This is a good month for strategic planning. Think big!

Are you making big decisions now? This is the month to pull all your options together and compare them. By the end of the month, you will gain the clarity you need to make choices.

The first few days of May will likely bring you challenges with authority figures. This is definitely not the time to try to get away with something naughty, because you will for sure get caught.

Early May will bring business opportunities that could free you up so you can be your authentic self in work. What is your calling? Now is the time to look for signs of that actually happening.

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