The perfect pair of jeans are like a character actor. They’re not the protagonist of the story but without them, the movie wouldn’t work as well. In the blockbuster film called New York Fashion Week Spring 2023, the ones that editors couldn’t stop talking about came straight from our runway. They’re high-waisted and faded with a long and loose inseam that is guaranteed to give the wearer legs for days. While there’s no wrong way to wear them, we’ve put together three styling ideas that show their range and eternal chic.

Double denim is truly the sum of its parts. The secret to keeping it elevated? Pair dark and light washes and add sharp accessories with a touch of metallic.

A classic straight cut means these jeans can be a stand-in for trousers, while also adding a casual element to polished pieces.

Reinterpret the jeans-and-blazer script by opting for bright blocks of color and a subtle monogram bag.


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