Legendary singer (and Sagittarius!) Tina Turner circa 1975. Photo by Echoes/Redferns courtesy of Getty Images.

It’s the end of the calendar year, which means we’ve finally made it to Sagittarius season. Unique, passionate and curious, this adventure-loving sign is always on the move. Keep reading to find out what’s in store for our Sagittarius friends and the rest of the zodiac signs from November 23 to December 21.

Happy Birthday, sweet Sag. Both Venus and Mercury are in Sagittarius now and will be until the second week in December. Venus is about love and Mercury is the planet of communication. Reach out to your friends and loved ones this month.

Venus will be in your sign of Capricorn all the way until January 3rd. So, you have the planet of love traveling with you through the holidays and into the New Year. Venus brings fun social gatherings and events. Make sure to go to as many holiday parties as you can.

Even though the Eclipses are over, your Sun is still in the center of all the planets for a while still. You will likely feel that you are in the middle of several situations that aren’t your doing. You are being tested to see if you can move through this phase and not be affected very much by others.

Jupiter has retrograded back into Pisces and will be there until he enters Aries on December 21st. You have had most of 2022 with Jupiter in your sign, which only occurs every 12 years. This was your spiritual awareness year and this is the time for you to implement what you learned about yourself. The new and improved you is emerging.

On December 20th, Jupiter will be entering your sign of Aries and will remain there until May 2023. Jupiter is only in Aries once every 12 years and typically brings good luck and prosperity. Start something new that can expand into an abundant and successful outcome. Think Big!

The first weekend in December is the perfect time for you to have a holiday party. Since the exciting planet Uranus is also in Taurus, do something unusual that you haven’t done before. Surprise your guests so they will be talking about it the next day. A little shocking is ok, Taurus.

The Full Moon will be in your sign of Gemini on December 7th. This is an extra energetic Full Moon since the Moon will be right next to Mars, who will make it more exciting than usual. Have a little Full Moon party and go outside to show Mars next to the Full Moon to your guests. Have extra fun!

The weekend of December 10th will be the best time for you to throw a holiday party. The Moon in Cancer is trine to both Jupiter and Neptune, both in Pisces. Have a potluck or better yet, have it catered. Let food be the star. The party will be cozy and sweet.

Even though the Eclipses are over, your Leo Sun is still square to the North and South Nodes. Those are the points of karmic lessons, so pay attention to what situations are triggering off your emotions. They are testing you to see if you are in charge or if the unusual situations are in charge. Of course, you know your Leo is always in charge.

Many of the planets now are in earth signs, which are aligning very nicely with your Virgo Sun. Even though this is the holiday season, you will still be able to get so much accomplished, that it will amaze you as well as those around you. Focus and execute your plans this month.

Your Sun in Libra is still in a positive position to both Mars and Jupiter. But Mars is now in retrograde motion, so you might experience some delays in your timetable. Never fear, this means a few things need more time to develop. All is well.

Your Scorpio Sun is caught between the planets Uranus and Saturn now. Uranus wants to move forward and fast, while Saturn wants to stay put. Do you want to change or stay where you have been for a while. It is your choice, dear Scorpio.














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