LA-based model and ceramicist Lauren Johnson wearing our Pink Dandelion Bikini Set. Photographs by Annie Shak.

Great weather paired with unbeatable access to both nature and culture…what’s not to love about LA? For Lauren Johnson — who has lived in the city for over 10 years — Los Angeles offers the kind of balanced lifestyle she craves. Originally from Minnesota, Johnson moved to California to pursue a career in modeling. “Until the Pandemic hit, I really only spent one full month in LA before I’d have to travel again for a shoot,” she tells us. Now, like the rest of us, she’s moving at a slower pace. Johnson is spending more of her time exploring the city and discovering local spots while also working on her ceramics, a passion passed down to her by her artist grandmother.

Making the most of LA’s proximity to the ocean, Johnson recently enjoyed a beach day wearing pieces from Tory’s swim collection. A beach day in March. Reason #3452 to move to Los Angeles.

Johnson pictured in our One-Shoulder Swimsuit

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