• A few notable mentions from the @wfhfits account.
Who needs street style when there’s WFH style?  In the age of self-quarantine, when most of us are letting down our inhibitions and dressing like nobody’s looking for our days of Slack, stress snack and repeat, a blessedly bold contingent of the remote-working crowd is sharing their looks on the cult Instagram account @WFHfits, or “working from home fits”. Run by Elle UK’s Sara McAlpine, Vogue editor Steff Yotka and GG’s Rachel Tashjian, the feed features the best—and worst (in the best way)—looks of day into the global pandemic. Take a look and you’ll see art directors and artists (hi, Frank Ocean!) lolling about their apartments ad looking super low-key and also rather super. Be it a creative in a sequin jumpsuit, a “mother in chief” looking composed and vaguely intergalactic seated at her desk in dark, diaphanous layers, or Vogue’s Madeline Swanson in chin-to-toe Tory Sport, this crew gives new meaning to inspirational.

Slack, yes, but never slackers.

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