Punch Hutton, Vanity Fair’s Deputy Editor and designer of Punch Shifts, wears her own dress and a custom Tory Burch necklace. Photographed in her New York City home by Noa Griffel.
7:30 AM
Walk to Joe Coffee, on 13th Street, for iced coffee…and a berry scone for my daughter Ellery.
9:00 AM
Nanny arrives. Rush to get out the door for work at Vanity Fair. A beautiful office in the middle of Times Square mayhem.
11:00 AM
Editors’ meeting in Graydon Carter‘s office to discuss future issues.
1:00 PM
Lunch at desk (Chop’t salad). Check all Punch Shifts correspondence — inventory, sales and inquiries. Place daily phone call to Lindsey, who pretty much runs the company.
2:30 PM
“Fanfair” production meeting. This includes assigning writers, setting up photo shoots and figuring out how to meet deadlines!
3:30 PM
Work on next issue layouts with Paloma, who designs both the “Fanfair” and “Fairground” sections.
6:00 PM
Head home to meet Lindsey before she makes a drop-off at FedEx. Construct boxes and pack dresses for people who’ve ordered shifts via email.
7:00 PM
Read and play Crazy Eights with Ellery before putting her to bed.
8:30 PM
Meet my husband John and our friends Michael Hainey and Brooke Cundiff at Il Posto Accanto on the Lower East Side for dinner.

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