We’re seeing stars. We loved sculptor Tom Sachs’ imaginary Space Program: Mars show at the Park Avenue Armory (see it before it closes June 17), and then Tory recently met Space Adventures’ Tom Shelley at Fast Company’s Innovation Uncensored conference. Space Adventures makes space flight dreams a reality for non-astronauts. “There is no better destination,” says Shelley. “The view is absolutely extraordinary.” Since 2001, the company has arranged eight trips to space for private individuals and has plans to take people around the moon by 2016. The cost of space? Approximately $50 million per person (the in-flight Alain Ducasse menu is optional). Despite the price tag, Shelley insists that most of “our clients are very down to earth.” And for a fraction of the cost, there’s Zero G, providing the same weightlessness of a space flight in a modified Boeing 727. The idea is to float like an astronaut, fly like Superman.

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