Mick Jagger rules the stage the way a lion rules the jungle. Keep reading to discover your horoscope now that we’re in the sign of this courageous, ambitious leader (July 21 – August 20). Astrologer Susie Cox reveals all.

Happy Birthday, grand Leo. This indeed will be quite a birthday month for you. There is a party of planets in Leo, including the sensuous Venus. She is the planet of pampering and indulgence and will be in Leo until August 20th. Please give yourself extra special birthday gifts this year. Venus will be happy that you did.

Mars will be entering Virgo on August 17th and will remain there until October 4th. You have a very busy and productive window in time on those dates. Mars loves being in Virgo, because Virgo loves getting things done. Make an extensive To-Do List and you will have six weeks to check off the items. Construction or serious projects are favored.

The first week in August will be a social time for you, dear Libra. When you get invited to a party, please go because you will meet some new people and maybe even new friends. It’s also a time to stay connected to your family. Will there be a family reunion? Very likely. If it’s not planned, maybe it’s up to you.

Your power dates this month, Scorpio, will be from August 6th – 9th, when several planets will be aligning in a positive way to your Sun. You definitely love your privacy, but you will feel surprisingly social during this magical time. Your creativity will also reach a peak during that week. See if you can have some fun with friends or family . . . . then you can go back to being your private self again.

You will be having big fun this month, Sag, which I’m sure is fine with you. There is a party of planets in Leo now that are being very harmonious with your Sun, giving you a bigger-than-life sense around you now. It seems like everything is happening at a fast and furious pace, which is true. Even though it might feel a bit overwhelming, but just roll with the largeness and you will get used to the abundance soon. Think big, dear Sagittarius.

The Moon will be in your sign of Capricorn from August 10th – 12th and will be joining the party of planets already in Capricorn. Your sign is dominating the skies now and will be for about one more year. This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be as Capricorn as you can possibly be now. That means living up to your destiny as a Capricorn to be successful and accomplished. Now is your time to flourish.

The Full Moon is in Aquarius this month on August 15th. That only happens once a year and is one of your best times to shine brightly, just like the Moon. This happens to be quite a special Full Moon because both Venus and Mars are joining the Sun, which will of course align with the Moon to make it Full. Having Venus and Mars there will bring a party to this Full Moon. Have raucous fun! Yes, you can get a little wild.

Mid-August is a good retreat time for you, dear Pisces. Sometimes you just want to stay in bed and read or just sleep . . . this is one of those times. If you are in a creative mood, this would also be a good time to look at color, line or design. Yes, the spiritual Pisces out there will be in dreamland – yes, even more than usual.

There is a perfect triangle in the sky between several planets in fire signs that will be energizing your already dynamic Aries Sun. Your super charged days will be August 17th – 20th, and you will really feel the heightened energy then. Try to pace yourself and not do everything at the same time. It will be easier for you to collaborate with others than normal.

There are an abundance of planets in earth signs now that are aligning in a positive way to your earthy Taurus Sun. You will easily be able to accomplish many of your dreams now, when they just didn’t want to start before. It’s all a matter of good timing, and now is the time. If you are up for being physical, the planets are also supporting that. Move things around and make more space in your life.

You have a group of planets going through the house of your mind now, smarty Gemini. Your mind will be going very fast and will be coming up with incredibly creative ideas this month. See if you can make them reality instead of just having fun thinking in fantasyland. You daydream better than most . . . now is the time to make it real.

The end of July will be your power time this month, sweet Cancer. You are feeling empowered because of the Solar Eclipse last month in your sign. Did you get rid of unwanted things? Good! So now that you are free, this is the time to start fresh and move forward. What is your passion and how can you accomplish it?



8月17日に火星が乙女座に到着し、10月4日まで滞在します。この時期は非常に忙しくも実りある時になりそう。火星は、物事をやり遂げていく乙女座にいるのを気に入っています。詳細なTo Doリストを作ってみて。リストに書かれたことを実行するのに6週間もあるのですから。何かを作り上げたり、大きなプロジェクトを進めるのもオススメ。











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