The coffee table books we are loving to both give and keep.
Coffee table books elevate any space with their bold covers and rousing images. The perfect gift to give a host – we love these books not only for their beauty, but for all their endless insights. Whether it is the starring recipe at your mid-July dinner party or the destination for your late-August vacation, coffee table books are full of valuable tidbits. We are currently obsessing over some of the most recently released coffee table books. From Stephan Würth’s retro black and white photos of all things tennis, to Martin Parr’s experimental beach shots, to Bryan Rafanelli’s tips for throwing the most fantastic parties, these books are giving us insane summer inspiration.
  1. Tennis Table
  2. Beach Therapy
  3. A Great Party
  4. Jean-Michel Frank
  5. Anti Glossy
  6. Diner à la Maison

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