Go Taurus, it’s your birthday, we’re gonna party like it’s your birthday. Keep reading to discover your horoscope now that we’re in the sign of the bull (April 20 – May 21). Astrologer Susie Cox reveals all.

Happy Birthday, dear Taurus! This will be quite a birthday month for you. The slow-moving planet Uranus entered your sign in March and will remain there until 2026! Use this month to make a plan for your new life. Things have been stable or stuck for a long time, and now is your time to start fresh. Maybe you can start small with a new haircut or makeover. The most important thing is to just start.

Gemini is the teacher and author of the Zodiac and that part of you is strong now. Active Mars will be in your sign until May 16th, so now is your time to put something to paper. That book you have been working on can get to a rough draft stage if you just focus your mind and your energy. You will be surprised at how fast the words will jump out of your head. Mars makes everything faster.

Mid-May is your time to have a gathering of family or friends. Start planning it now so you can have a sweet little party. Do you want to try cooking something new? Experiment with new ingredients and be sure to make them look beautiful. The first part of food starts with the eyes. Why not include some edible flowers for a treat?

Don’t be surprised if you are seeing new opportunities for you occupationally now, Leo. You have some very exciting planets entering your house of career that will likely rock your world. If you are ready for something new . . . now is your time to embrace it. Others might not understand these sudden changes, but that’s ok. It’s your life. They might just be jealous.

This month is likely to bring some unfinished business with old relationships. Seeing these people again will help you realize you made the right decision. Plus, the meeting will give you an opportunity to say anything you weren’t strong enough to say last time you saw them. You are much more empowered now.

This is a money month for you, dear Libra, especially around mid-May. You can expect financial opportunities to come your way. Be prepared by looking at your portfolio and making sure everything is organized and ready for something new. This will involve other people, so who do you want to attract?

The Full Moon will be in Scorpio on May 18th. This is your Full Moon to celebrate your inner life. Many people hibernate during the Scorpio Full Moon to focus on their deepest wishes. Take some time for yourself to reflect on your wonderful life. You enjoy private time and this Full Moon is one of the best times to be with that wise person inside of you.

The Sag in you loves adventure and mid-May will be one of those exciting times. Do something on the outrageous side of excitement. Try a new sport. Visit a new location. Start a new hobby or jump into the hobby you’ve put to the back burner. Your creativity wants to come out now to bring you some joy. Grab that joy!

The last weekend in April is your power date this month. The Moon will join the party of planets in Capricorn, making an even bigger party. Take that week to concentrate on your main goals. Make a Capricorn To-Do List and prioritize the items. Over the next month, check the items off one by one. By early May, you will see life differently.

Your mind will be restless this month, which is a good sign of change. Take that exciting mental energy and do something constructive with it. This is a great month to get caught up on your correspondence. Clean out your emails and connect with people who you haven’t seen for a while. They will be so happy to spend some quality time with you.

You should feel clean as a whistle, dear Pisces. The recent Mercury retrograde in your sign was your chance to release old patterns. Now that Mercury is direct and out of your sign, this is your phase to start fresh. You might want to spruce up your surroundings. Adding some color always helps bring in newness. How about painting that wall in your house . . . or buy some colorful new clothes. It’s time.

Both Venus and Mercury are in your sign of Aries now and will be there this entire month. Venus loves beauty and indulging in luxury. Mercury loves to travel. The combination would be perfect for traveling to a spa for some serious pampering. You could go with friends, but instead, the Aries in you might want to be the focus of attention. You deserve it!


牡牛座の皆さん、お誕生日おめでとうございます!今月は素晴らしい誕生日月になりそう。ゆっくりと進行していた天王星が3月に牡牛座に到着し、2026年まで滞在します!今月は将来に向けての計画を立てるにはもってこいの月。長い間物事に変化がなく、行き詰まっていたかもしれませんが、今こそ新たなスタートを切る時です。ヘアスタイルを変えたり、イメチェンをするといった小さなことから始めてみては? 大切なのはとりあえず、始めてみること。







冒険好きな射手座のあなたにとって、5月中旬はワクワクする時。心躍るような大胆なことに挑戦してみて。やったことのないスポーツをやってみたり、訪れたことのない場所に行ってみては? 新しい趣味を始めたり、いつかやろうと思っていたことに挑戦するのも良いでしょう。あなたのクリエイティブな一面が表に出てきているところです。楽しんで!




金星と水星が共に今、牡羊座に入り、今月いっぱい滞在します。金星は美と贅沢を、水星は旅を好みます。存分に自分を甘やかすためのスパと旅は最高の組み合わせ。友達と行くのはもちろん、牡羊座のあなたは自分だけに集中したいと感じるかも知れません。 気持ちの思うままに!

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