We can’t think of a more romantic or epic love story than Buddy and Reva’s. Tory’s parents both lived colorful lives before they met each other in the early 1960s. Reva had dated Steve McQueen while Buddy had gone on a few dates with Grace Kelly. But when Buddy and Reva met, the chemistry was undeniable. The couple spent the next 50 years together, building a life for themselves and their children on a farm just outside Philadelphia and, every summer for six weeks, traveling the world.

Buddy used to print love notes and poems for Reva in the want ads in the local newspapers. (If ever there was a reason to keep print alive!) On one particular Valentine’s Day, he wrote “My Everlasting Love, Your Beloved Treasure Will Be Yours Forever Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Buddy and Reva were never apart and fell asleep every night holding hands. As Reva puts it, they were “mad for each other.”

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