All images courtesy of Contreras

“A beautifully designed room can feel both modern and classic through thoughtful use of materials and the creation of an overall look that has timeless quality.”

This quote, taken from Paloma Contreras’s new book Dream Design Live, hones in on the interior designer’s philosophy. Contreras, who is Houston-based with clients ranging from coast to coast, has a special knack for turning a house into a home.

Her book, Dream Design Live, is divided into three sections. The first is focused on finding inspiration—the dream. Next is design, and discovering a style that is uniquely your own. The final piece to the puzzle, and perhaps the most important, is creating a fully functional living space for all of life’s moments.

The beautiful book, complete with a mingle of decorating advice, lifestyle recommendations and stunning photography, is a great way to spruce up your coffee table. It looks like Contreras is rubbing off on us already…

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