Hand-painted Ceramic Vase Espadrilles Match Scratcher Pineapple Candle Holders Image Map Backgammon Set Hand-painted Floral Stemware Scented Ovals Instant Camera Raffia Baskets Calligraphy Brush

If your summer consists of weekend getaways spent with friends and family, don’t forget to show them your appreciation. Here, the Tory Daily editors share their Top 10 hostess gifts. Reminder: Labor Day Weekend is still a month away so there’s no excuse to show up empty-handed…

1. WE Games’ Backgammon Set
Because there’s nothing like fun-filled face time, the old-school way.

2. Tory Burch’s Hand-Painted Floral Stemware
Because, whether you prefer to sláinte or to cin cin, you can always toast in style with Tory’s Spring Meadow water glasses.

3. Diptyque’s Scented Ovals
Because you can slip this into drawers, hang this in a car… Sweet scents everywhere!

4. Fujifilm’s Instant Camera
Because weekend getaways are filled with memories you want to share. Sometimes with a real hold-it-in-my-hands memento.

5. Lindroth Design’s Raffia Baskets
Because you can fill these baskets with more hostess goodies — fresh fruit from the farmers’ market, anyone?

6. 1stdibs’ Calligraphy Brush
Because there’s an artist in all of us…

7. 2bModern’s Hand-Painted Ceramic Vase
Because bright colors equal instant mood lifter…

8. Tory Burch’s Espadrilles
Because espadrilles are a summertime staple…

9. JFM’s Match Scratcher
Because sometimes you want to make the sparks fly without fumbling for a match…

10. Vintage Pineapple Candle Holders
Because pineapples are a symbol for “welcome” and what hostess wouldn’t love that?

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