Photographed by Whitney Cox

We talk to Tory about the new Tory Sport flagship in New York’s Flatiron District.

What can we expect?
I’m thrilled to open our first Tory Sport store, here in New York City. We wanted to capture the casual vibe of a Seventies surf lodge and the clean, simple lines of Scandinavian design.

What does that mean for the customer when she walks through the doors?
We want her to feel energized when she walks in, inspired by the strength and elegance of women in sports. Bright blue awnings and large screens that play videos and images will pop against the historic facade of the 129 Fifth Avenue building, which is a part of the landmarked “Ladies’ Mile Historic District.”

Your interiors are signature. What can we expect here?
We wanted an airy, modern space with natural elements. A blue entry with high-gloss white stripes — which reference the graphic vibe of the Tory Sport logo — leads inside. Throughout the white-washed oak rooms (which are pegboards that can move), we used details that subtly nod to sports. Leather handrails speak to tennis racquet grips, stripes on the floor look like pool lap lanes…

Is there a place to hang out like in your Tory Burch stores?
Yes. One of my favorite rooms is a seating area where four Jean Royère chairs with linen pillows surround a fireplace and a concrete and nickel table. And instead of doing a rug, we hand-painted a diamond pattern — kind of like an elegant net — on the floor in navy and white.

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