• 1. Ine
    Guipure lace top and skirt

  • 2. Irina L.
    Stripe-print embroidered cotton shirt and fringed tweed wrap skirt

  • 3. Vanessa
    Tassel-hem linen top and guipure lace skirt

  • 4. Mica
    Embroidered cotton tunic and fringed tweed skirt

  • 5. Rachel
    Stripe-print embroidered cotton top and
    smocked-and-embroidered cotton skirt

  • 6. Angel
    Fringed tweed top and skirt

  • 7. Alexandra
    Stripe-print embroidered cotton caftan and lace-trim silk shorts

  • 8. Zlata
    Guipure lace–trim cady dress

  • 9. Amilna
    Guipure lace caftan

  • 10. Antonina
    Embellished-trim cady tunic dress and guipure lace shorts

  • 11. Pooja
    Fringed cotton-linen knit jacquard wrap dress

  • 12. Ria
    Leaf-print cotton dress

  • 13. Molly
    Fringed cotton-linen knit jacquard caftan

  • 14. Julia v.O.
    Leaf-print cotton tunic and lace-trim stripe-print cotton shorts

  • 15. Aya
    Linen jacket and fringed cotton-linen knit jacquard wrap skirt

  • 16. Tami
    Fringed cotton-linen knit jacquard coat, smocked bikini top and bottom

  • 17. Xiao Wen
    Fringed cotton-linen knit jacquard tunic and lace cotton shorts

  • 18. Elya
    Smocked-and-embroidered cotton top and skirt

  • 19. Avery
    Cotton sweater and guipure lace shorts

  • 20. Julia H.
    Guipure lace–trim cady dress

  • 21. Alicja
    Guipure lace caftan

  • 22. Katya
    Guipure lace and cotton top and cotton canvas wrap skirt

  • 23. Julie H.
    Guipure lace top and skirt

  • 24. Irina D.
    Wool sweater and graphic-pattern cotton jacquard pant

  • 25. Emmy
    Guipure lace jacket, guipure lace and cotton top and smocked-and-embroidered cotton skirt

  • 26. Aida
    Graphic-pattern cotton jacquard dress

  • 27. Magdalena
    Embroidered cotton top and smocked-and-embroidered cotton skirt

  • 28. Rachel
    Embellished-trim linen burlap tunic and linen burlap shorts

  • 29. Dylan
    Graphic-pattern linen jacquard tunic and linen burlap pant

  • 30. Mica
    Linen burlap top and gold foil embroidered linen burlap wrap skirt

  • 31. Zlata
    Floral-pattern iridescent fil coupé organza top, lace-trim
    silk georgette camisole and cotton jacquard pant

  • 32. Irina L.
    Gold foil embroidered linen burlap dress with silk panel

  • 33. Lineisy
    Cotton-and-mesh sweater and perforated-leather wrap skirt

  • 34. Antonina
    Perforated-leather dress

  • 35. Ine
    Iridescent-yarn–panel wool top and floral-pattern iridescent fil coupé organza skirt

  • 36. Ria
    Floral fil coupé and metallic-silk tunic dress

  • 37. Peyton
    Iridescent wool sweater and iridescent vine-pattern
    organza and wool wrap skirt

  • 38. Alexandra
    Floral metallic-silk dress with fil coupé trim

  • 39. Molly
    Floral-pattern iridescent fil coupé organza dress and lace-trim silk georgette slip

  • 40. Elya
    Floral fil coupé dress with metallic-silk panel

  • 41. Vanessa
    Iridescent vine-pattern organza and wool dress
Against a backdrop of oversized oxidized doors and a trompe l’oeil runway of cracked stone tiles, Tory unveiled her Spring/Summer 2016 collection — which was inspired by how beauty is enhanced through time and nature. See the full collection above and read what Tory has to say about the inspiration here.

Experience the Spring/Summer 2016 runway up close.

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