Color-coordinating goes beyond your wardrobe or accessory choices. Ever wonder what blush goes with what lip color? Or which eye shadows to pair with a bright red lip? Here, celebrity makeup artist Mai Quynh shares a few quick tips using Tory Burch Beauty.

Bonus: Get her how-to advice on creating the perfect smokey eye of the season (with a colorful twist).

1. Just Like Heaven is a gorgeous mauvey pink color. I would pair this lip color with a polished, daytime, plum eye. For cheeks, I would use a neutral pink blush. Nothing too bright. The eyes and cheek color will tie in with the lip shade.

2. Knock On Wood is a sheer wine lip color. It looks beautiful paired with neutral eyes and flushed cheeks. Use white or a light metallic wash of shadow on the eyes. Definitely define lashes with at least two coats of black mascara. Add a cheery rosy blush to balance the eyes and lips. You want the lip color to be the main focus.

3. Smack Dab is a lively orange red that will brighten up your face while looking modern. I love pairing red lips with a sleek black eyeliner. Either a winged liner or a tightly rimmed black liner, close to the top and bottom lash lines, with a subtle smudge. The rest of the face should be clean and not overly done. The lips should pop and get most of the attention.

4. Tory’s Bronzer & Blush Powder is so soft and airy, it’s great to wear during fall/winter. Because the colors range more beige and soft pink, it won’t be too harsh and orange-y on the skin. It’s the perfect way to add a healthy glow without looking too unnatural.

5. Typically, when you think of a smokey eye, people gravitate towards dark grays and black. One alternative is to do a smokey eye using jewel tone shadows instead. Think plums, forest green, navy blue and copper browns. Wearing a jewel tone color on the eyes can be more complementary because it can bring undertones out of your eye color that the grays/blacks won’t pull. Pair your jewel tone smokey eye with a neutral lip like Pas du Tout.

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Face cards illustrated by Mai Quynh

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