Tracker: 24 Hours with Model Alena Blohm
Tracker: 24 Hours with Model Alena Blohm
The German-born New York resident and model — who co-stars in our latest campaign video — shares her go-to meals and preferred form of fitness…
6 AM
My inner alarm clock usually wakes me up around 6 – 6:30 AM. I feed my little cat and make a quick espresso to get my day started.
7 AM
I love running in the morning. It’s nice and quiet on the West Side Highway. Nothing is better to see this crazy city be a little bit more calm and peaceful. I usually run on an empty stomach, just because I can’t really eat so early in the AM.
9 AM
Shower quickly and have a quick vegan protein smoothie. I cuddle with my cat while I enjoy drinking it.
12 PM
I usually hit the gym for some weights with my friend, depending on if I have castings or I’m working. I have three handfuls of almonds or pistachios and a banana as a little snack to keep me on top of things.
2 PM
Either I’m out with my boyfriend on my track bike in Central Park for some laps… or I meet my friends at La Colombe for a cold brew or at Juice Press for a green juice and some dried mango or an açaí bowl.
5 PM
Depending on how my body feels and how much I have trained already, I love doing a little evening run or a late SoulCycle class. In general I do cardio twice a day, every day.
7 PM
Dinner o’clock!! I love being simple with my dinner choices. My go-to would be steamed broccoli and cauliflower, chickpeas as my protein, avocado as my fat source, fresh tomatoes and sesame seeds. My other go-to (when I feel too lazy to cook) is brown rice and avocado sushi.
9 PM
I’ll watch a movie or some random TV show just as background noise.
10:30 PM
Fall asleep.
Alena Blohm
Clockwise from left: Alena Blohm via @alenablohm; SoulCycle; green juice and açaí bowl via @juicepress; bikes via @alenablohm; top photo: Alena Blohm via @alenablohm