Q&A: Model Maia Cotton on the Power of Boxing
Q&A: Model Maia Cotton on the Power of Boxing
Pebbled beaches, lapping seawater, fields of sandgrass… and a private home with history. We headed out to East Hampton, New York for our latest campaign — to an area that from 1937 until 1974 was the sunny site of Fire Place Lodge, a girls-only summer camp.
There, for eight weeks at a time, girls from ages 8 to 20 would gather for crabbing, clamming and lessons in grit. Equestrian classes were given by the same riding instructor who taught a young Jacqueline Bouvier — better known later as Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Tennis was played on clay, asphalt and grass — just in case anyone might make it to Wimbledon, it was said.
Between the swimming off the docks and the “marches” — complete with sing-alongs — it sounds very much like a scene out of Parent Trap. The 1961 original with Hayley Mills, mind you, not the more recent Lindsay Lohan version.
Us, we took model Alyssah Paccoud for a jog down by the shore in our new reflective collection. The fresh air, the sea breeze and the Seventies-inspired vibe were the perfect backdrop, day or night.
Photographed by Ackime Snow
Right photographs via Pinterest; top photograph by Bradley Olman, 1978