Spotlight On: Low-Light Workouts
Spotlight On: Low-Light Workouts
Dancing in the dark, boxing in the dark, running in the dark… there’s a distinct appeal to working out under minimal lighting. You can focus on your workout without distraction — who cares how much you’re sweating or what your neighbor is doing. Here, a Cliff’s Notes to our favorite low-light workouts to get you through winter — the perfect places to show off your new reflective gear (wink wink).
Hot yoga set to hip-hop tunes is this bicoastal studio’s M.O. No mirrors, no overhead light — only candlelight. The room is kept at a toasty 90 degrees, thanks to an infrared heating system.
Lights out, L.A., Cleveland, Miami and Dallas (and coming soon to Denver). 30 minutes on the VersaClimber — a cardio machine that mimics an upward climbing motion — is perfect for high-intensity interval training. It’s a zero-impact, full-body workout, the machine moves as fast as you do and at the end of class, you may have climbed a height of 5,000 feet — a distance close to scaling the Empire State Building.
All weights, all the time at this West Village studio. Group toning classes run for 50 minutes and take place in near darkness, under flattering red lighting. Choose dumbbells to suit your strength level, and alternate between the weights bench and core exercises.
Photographed by Erica Schroeder
Clockwise from top left: Mile High Run Club, Shadowbox, Rise Nation, Liftonic; in top photo, Tory Sport’s Hi-Vis Printed 7/8 Leggings, Crisscross Lace-Up Sneakers and Hi-Vis Long-Sleeve Top, photographed by Erica Schroeder
Clip in and cycle to the beat in a dim, candlelit room. This spin class with a cult following across America is more than just a leg workout — crunches, arm exercises and the signature core-engaging “tap-backs” are all part of the addictive 45-minute experience.
For when you just want to hit something — make it constructive. And with ambient lighting, the boxing studio lives up to its name. Hit up either the Brooklyn or Manhattan locations for a cathartic mix of punching and fitness. No previous experience necessary.
Indoor running for runners (and non-runners, too) — perfect for the cold-weather season. Three Manhattan locations host rows of treadmills and low neon lights that change to the beat of the music. Run at your own pace — a guide attached to each machine gives suggested RPMs for beginner, intermediate and advanced.
High-energy music, high-energy workout — not for the timid, but done in the comfort of dim red lighting. Another cult workout with studios all over the U.S.: 30 minutes of interval training on the treadmill, 30 minutes of weight-training and plyometrics, and you’re done. Cue a sense of accomplishment.