24 Hours in Jackson Hole
24 Hours in Jackson Hole
“My ideal day would fall on a Saturday or Sunday in the winter,” says yoga instructor and avid skier Bea Tufo. We asked her to detail her dream 24 hours in Jackson Hole, Wyoming — where she is based — for us, below.
8:30 AM
I wake up around 5:45 AM every day during the work week, so I like to sleep in on weekends. My ideal weekend morning: “sleep in” until 8 or 8:30 AM, snuggle with my animals, make coffee and breakfast at home with my husband Peter — pancakes, French toast or eggs, usually — and then take my dogs on a long walk.
10 AM
My ideal day continues as I head to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and ski for a few hours with Peter and/or friends.
2 PM
I head to the Spur for après and have a few cocktails or beers (and probably nachos if we are being honest…).
3:30 PM
If we are talking ideal day, I head to the Four Seasons Spa and hot tub or get a post-ski massage. I have only done this once — ever — but a gal can dream on an ideal day!
5 PM
I am safely chauffeured home by a sober pal and/or my husband for a nice two-hour nap with my cat.
7:30 PM
After awakening from my nap, I shower, put on a Tory Sport retro sweater and head to Snake River Grill for dinner (SRG is my favorite restaurant in town).
10 PM
I head home, watch Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (my favorite) and get into bed, again, with my cat. What a day!