Top 6: NYC Wellness Guide
Top 6: NYC Wellness Guide
A healthy body can’t subsist on high-powered workouts alone — it requires downtime, too, so your muscles can properly recover. Here, our favorite ways to unwind in the city.
No Place Like Om
Founded by former Intermix CEO Khajak Keledjian, Inscape is a meditation oasis in the Flatiron District. Come to the studio for guided relaxation sessions — in wholly immersive light and sound environments — or download the app for mindfulness on the go.
The Great Escape
New York is rife with luxury hotels with great in-house spas, but if we had to pick one favorite, it’s the supremely serene Shibui Spa at the Greenwich Hotel. Treatments draw from Far East traditions and practices — personalized omakase massage, anyone? — while amenities include a heated swimming pool, relaxation lounge, concierge service and even Japanese Yukata robes.
In the Aire
Nestled in the heart of Tribeca, Aire Ancient Baths is a modern — and thoroughly luxurious — update on Old World Greco-Roman and Ottoman bathhouses, complete with an aromatherapy steam room, private baths infused with olive oil, cava or red wine, and thermal pools in a deeply soothing candlelit cavern.
Turn Back Time
You’ve heard of acupuncture — but how about cosmetic acupuncture? Gotham Wellness’ Stefanie DiLibero combines the ancient Chinese technique with what you’ve come to expect from a pro facial, like microcurrent and LED light treatments. Elaine Welteroth, former Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue, swears by it. Chufy’s Sofia Sanchez de Betak does, too. In addition to Benjamin Button-ing those wrinkles, Gotham Wellness also offers regular ol’ acupuncture and wellness getaways.
Flex Education
Stretch*d, a new studio dedicated to stretching, is the brainchild of SLT founder Amanda Freeman. It targets more than just workout hounds in need of recovery time; the sessions, accompanied by expert “stretch*rs”, are great for those of us hunched over a computer all day. A la carte add-ons include leg compression and HyperVolt vibration massages.
For Sleeping Beauties
Sometimes, there’s no better mode of relaxation than simply catching some Z’s. Nap York offers eco-friendly, soundproof sleeping pods in Midtown Manhattan for quick power naps (starting at $15 for 30 minutes) as well as longer layover stints. Each pod is outfitted with light-blocking curtains, a bed, live plants for air purification, a nighttime-like ceiling with twinkling “stars” and essential oil diffusers.