Tory on Travel & Plane Dressing
Tory on Travel & Plane Dressing
I love to travel — learning new things, meeting interesting people and exploring. The best way for me to learn about a place is to wake up early in the morning and take walks through the town, wherever I am.
I got my love of traveling from my parents. They were adventurers who spent time all around the world, from Greece to Italy to Morocco. Their enthusiasm and curiosity rubbed off on me.
I always travel with my three bracelets that have my boys’ nicknames on them: Pickle, Hanky and Saucy. I carry a red ribbon for good luck, a pair of sneakers for a hike when I get off the plane, some sort of candy and an iPod filled with new music.
Comfort on the plane is key, especially for long flights. Our new tech knit vertical-block turtleneck and skirt are great for the plane. The tech knit holds its shape with a little stretch, so it’s very comfortable and looks polished. It doesn't wrinkle — so it packs well, too. My mother, Reva, loves the ponte pants for traveling. The fabric has a nice structure to it but also a bit of give.