Tracker: 24 Hours with Georgia Hilmer
Tracker: 24 Hours with Georgia Hilmer
A day in the life of photographer, model and NYU student Georgia Hilmer, from sun up to well past sun down.
7 AM
I wake up without an alarm, usually before my boyfriend, and crawl out of bed to make coffee. If he starts to stir, I will make a cup for him, too. I try not to look at my phone for the first hour I’m awake. I’ll read or fold laundry or water the plants, then get dressed for school. I have oatmeal before I go.
8:30 AM
When it’s warm enough, I bike to NYU; in the winter months, I take the train.
12:30 PM
I have a few morning classes and then a long break when I’ll go to the library or sit in Washington Square Park with my lunch. Usually I bring roasted veggies and rice with an almond butter sauce, or soup, or I’ll get a vegetarian-something bowl from one of the thousand take-out places around campus. If I am lucky, I get to do the New York Times crossword puzzle at this point, but mostly, I am catching up on homework assignments for the rest of the week. 
2 PM
Sometimes I have a casting in this window between classes, and I jump on the train.
3 PM
I go to my last class of the day around 3 and am home by 6, unless I go to a yoga class, which I try to do three or four times a week. Going makes me a nicer person.
6 PM
I’ll text with my boyfriend about dinner plans — wild fantasies of elaborate meals — and then arrive home to make something decidedly less fancy.
7:30 PM
We’ll cook and eat together, then I might read or work a little bit on a photo assignment.
10:30 PM
We get in bed to watch movies or shows and talk about our outrage at a plotline or a funny thing that happened during our day.
12 AM
I’m a grandma, so I don’t last too long before I fall asleep.
Photograph by @georgiahilmer